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Call of Tanks

Your next mission is about to begin in Call of Tanks! Have you got what it takes to lead your forces to victory in this tower defense game?

You won’t be using just tanks in this addictive war game. You can also send trucks packed with explosives, helicopters stuffed full of missiles, and other awesome vehicles into battle. Will you be able to destroy your enemy's base in each thrilling clash?

How to Play Call of Tanks?

Call of Tanks is an exciting strategy game. Use your resources wisely while you attempt to wreck several of your enemy’s bases. You can also upgrade your defenses and vehicles between missions.

Game Controls


  • PRESS W, A, S, AND D OR THE ARROW KEYS to move around the map.


  • LEFT CLICK, DRAG, AND DROP to send vehicles into battle.
  • RIGHT CLICK to change the camera angle.
  • USE THE MOUSE WHEEL to zoom in.

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Who Developed Call of Tanks?

Call of Tanks was created by BeedoGames.